David McMinn, PhD

Managing Director

David has experience working for several of the most recognised medical communications agencies, developing scientific outputs and patient materials for the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies at Global, European, and local-levels. This includes working on blockbuster drugs and across a variety of therapy areas. Prior to working in the pharmaceutical industry David was a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Aberdeen Medical School, during which time he received the Early Career Award from the UK Society for Behavioural Medicine, and spent time at Harvard Medical School. He recently achieved one of his career goals by publishing a paper in the Christmas edition of the BMJ.

Craig Scott

Commercial Director

Craig has held a variety of leadership positions in his extensive career, including roles at Johnson & Johnson, Kantar Health, and as the European Head of Research for Pfizer. In addition to his consumer and pharma experience he also works in the medical device sector, where he leads projects focussing on optimising devices for their users. As such, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in developing solutions with the end-user in mind; something that is crucial when developing clinical trial lay summaries.

Baxter Jeffs, PhD

Scientific Director

Baxter has more than 15 years of experience in the field of medical communications. During this time he has held roles as Editorial Team Leader and Scientific Director at some of the most well-known and trusted medical communications agencies and CROs, working with many of the world’s top pharmaceutical companies. He has experience delivering a variety of projects across a broad range of therapy areas. Baxter is a member of the International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) and a Certified Medical Publication Professional. Before working in the pharmaceutical industry he was a Wellcome Trust International Travelling Prize Research Fellow at The Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University in the United States.

Catherine Richards-Golini, PhD

Lay Language Expert

Catherine has been working with the language of medicine for over a decade, as a teacher, teacher trainer, presenter and editor. Her interests and expertise lie in the field of vocabulary, particularly general and lay-technical vocabulary, and its under-appreciated role in successful medical communication and patient-practitioner encounters. Her PhD thesis applied corpus linguistic techniques to uncover the hidden lexical characteristics of written patient information. As director of EALTHY, the European Association of Language Teachers for Healthcare, she also organises conferences and professional development opportunities for medical English trainers and interpreters.

Lorraine McMurdo, PhD

Principal Writer

Lorraine has worked in the pharmaceutical sector for 30 years. During this time she has held a variety of positions, including Clinical Research Scientist, Scientific Advisor, Medical Science Liaison, Director of Professional Standards, and Medical Writer. As such, she has vast experience across several therapy areas, and is skilled at communicating scientific content to a variety of audiences, including patients. Before moving into the pharmaceutical industry Lorraine held post-doctoral research posts at the University of St Louis, USA, and the University of Glasgow, Scotland. She has an Honours degree in pharmacology and a PhD in cardiovascular pharmacology.

Shaun Villa, PhD

Senior Writer and Trainer

Shaun has been involved in experimental cancer medicine for 12 years. Following an MRes in Translational Medicine and a PhD in Medicine, he worked in a busy medical communications agency for two years, synthesising the results from clinical trials and writing publications. Subsequently, he took up a role as Academic Portfolio Manager in the Experimental Cancer Medicine Team at The Christie NHS foundation Trust. Part of this role involved collaborating with Cancer Research UK, where he was responsible for trial communications, including the development of clinical trial lay summaries for patients. At Lay Summaries Ltd Shaun works on writing clinical trial lay summaries as well as developing and delivering lay writing training to medical communications agencies and pharmaceutical companies.


Deviate Studio

For projects that require specialist design or creative input, such as infographics, we collaborate with Deviate Studio (www.deviatestudio.co.uk). Deviate Studio is a creative agency with experience working in the pharmaceutical industry. Their ethos is built on creating a synergy between creativity and messaging. They strive to develop comprehensible, visually captivating, innovative and memorable content.